Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Orgasm Inc.

Orgasm Inc. has been getting a lot of buzz. It is a documentary that gets to the truth about a lot of myths regarding "female sexual dysfunction" and the drugs and tools that pharmaceutical companies create for problems that may not be real problems at all. Although there are real medical conditions both men and women face in regards to sexuality, these pharmaceutical companies are creating drugs to cure problems that have no actual medical backing.

I suggest that men watch this as well, not just women. Watch the trailer. Check if there are screenings in your area.

Feministing has a great article about the film here.

It is so incredibly disheartening that sex education fails to give women real knowledge about their bodies and sex. There is nothing wrong about not being able to orgasm from only vaginal penetration. Most women need clitoral stimulation too! This is normal.

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